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U of O Nursing Jersey

U of O Nursing Jersey

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A custom Barbarian Jersey for the U of O school of nursing. The Jersey is  the classic 12 oz 100% cotton fabric. Colours and patterns are as shown. The U of O nursing logo will be on the left chest. Unisex sizing only.

Orders are being taken until 1 November when the order will be placed, If you want the jersey delivered by Mya the coordinator then put "Pickup" as the code when you go to check out. Otherwise we will charge Canada Post rates and will mail the jersey to you as soon as available.

For questions or issue contact Mya Ryder at .

Size Chart

XS- Chest 32" to 34"

S- Chest 36" to 38"

M- Chest 40" to 42"

L- Chest 42" to 44"

XL- Chest 44" to 46"

XXL Chest 46" to 48"

XXXL Chest 48" to 52"

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